Who We Are

About Us

MnetTrade is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and global liquidity providers. Founded in 2017, MnetTrade was one of the first professional platforms set up to accomodate for the booming interest in cryptocurrency trading.
Since then, the team has gained invaluable experience whilst cementing their spot as the go-to platform for digital asset traders and institutions. For over 3 years, MnetTrade has established itself as a major player in the online digital currency financial field, with a proven track record of positive customer satisfaction. Our key responsibility is to offer top notch services to all our traders.
More 500,000 customers
Across more than 192 countries of the world

What's the secret to MnetTrade's success?

  • The answer is obvious: Our people. We are proud to have one of the most talented, hardworking and passionate teams the world has to offer. Interested in joining our team?

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the infrastructure services provider for the blockchain ecosystem.

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase the freedom of money globally. We believe that by spreading this freedom, we can significantly improve lives around the world

Our Strategy

MnetTrade is a fast-growing company committed to continuous development throughout every aspect of our
business. Our industry is quickly changing as new blockchain technology emerge, and we
fully realize the necessity to respond to these challenges. At MnetTrade, we strive to offer the most effective
blockchain technological solutions and provide our clients with personalized service and high-end trading experience.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction
At MnetTrade, customer satisfaction is the top priority. We value our clients and focus on providing the best
service for every customer.
MnetTrade is a fast-growing company committed to continuous adoption of innovative technology and
improvement throughout every aspect of our business.
Respect lies in the core of our business. At MnetTrade, we have respect for our customers, for each other, and
for ourselves. We seek to establish long-term relationships with our clients based on respect, trust, and integrity.
MnetTrade is committed to reliability and security of its services. Our purpose is to provide our clients with
technologically sound trading environment to help them achieve their financial goals.
As a company with global reach, MnetTrade values diversity. We recognize that our customers have diverse
cultural backgrounds, so we try to approach each customer with consideration of his or her language, values,
and cultural peculiarities.